Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trip to Disneyland!

So we took a trip to Disneyland! I haven't been there since I was like 14, and Cameron had never been. It was a surprise to the girls. The morning that we packed up and left we told them we were going to go to a hotel for a vacation. Almost 12 loooong hours later we arrived. It was slightly anti-climatic for me when we told them the surprise, but oh well. We went to Disneyland for 2 days and California Adventure for 1 (the later I was not all that impressed with). We really enjoyed ourselves, especially me and the girls! Unfortunately we were all sick. I got a cold a couple of days before we left and inevitably everyone else got it too. We pushed through the sickness for the princesses though.

It was decorated for Halloween, which was fun!

The girls had little autographs books, Emma didn't care who it was, she wanted to fill that book! Maren says Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty in the cutest way!

My girls pretended they were toys all packaged up!

Rapunzel. Emma was bummed that Pascal wasn't there. Maren loved the flowers in her hair.

We met Belle twice, just our luck with the Princess Fantasy Faire. I am too embarrassed to tell that story on my blog though.

Ariel is both of the girls favorites (at least today). Maren calls her "mermaid."

In front of Small World. This and the Little Mermaid were Maren's favorite ride. Maren did not like Pinocchio and the Snow White one (they are quite scary!) Emma's favorite rides were the Big Thunder Railroad and Splash Mountain. Emma's least favorite was the Matterhorn and The Tower of Terror. She said she did not like it "when her bum came off the seat!"

Okay, so I guess they loved it all! Tinkerbell is always a hit! The girls loved it when she said to them "has anyone ever told you that you look just like me!" They were beaming!

Maren did not like the "shark" however, this little boat ride through the whale was darling.

Pluto. If you know my kids, you know they love dogs!

Quintessential pose in the tea cups. Cam skipped this one (and many others).

Newport Pier. We alternated the park days with relaxing beach days. It was always a little overcast while we were on the beach but we still had fun. The water was cool and Maren hated the water. "It no get me!" But she loved the sand.

Emma became one with the sand. She pretty much just rolled in it for hours. Her car seat still has some sand in it that we can't get out. Nor was the hotel probably pleased with all that sand in the tub.

We had a fun and action packed week! Oddly, I was ready to come home though. Everyone is all better now that we have returned and caught up on sleep, except for me. Sinus infection. We stayed really nice and close to Disneyland and just walked there but by the end of the week our legs were tired! They each got to pick a souvenir. Maren picked a cute Tinkerbell baby doll. She loves babies and now sleeps with her at night. Emma picked a Little Mermaid Polly Pocket thing. I accidentally pulled off her arm the next day and her necklace broke. So Cam, despite how tough he thinks is, is a more of push over than me. We both felt bad about the Ariel toy and so he bought Emma a Jesse doll which she loves and Maren Bullseye the horse from Toy Story. It was a super fun week and I am so grateful we got we the chance to go while the girls could still enjoy the Magic of it all!


Melanie said...

It looks like you had a great trip, eventhough you were sick. Your girls are so adorable, I love all the pictures with the Princesses, they look like they are in heaven. Disneyland is magical and I am glad you got to go. We want to go with you next time. I feel privileged to have heard your funny story about the princess fair. I can picture it in my mind and it makes me laugh. You have such a cute family, your girls are very lucky to have you as their mom, and Cam as their Dad. We hope to see you soon!

Errin and Stephanie Dalton said...

What a fun trip! I didn't realize your girls are so BLONDE. Such cuties!!

Mom said...

Where have I been for 2 1/years?
I remember you going to Disneyland but the pictures seemed new to me today.
Could it be the beginning of alzhelmers? The girls have really grown taller in that time but they are just as cute and sweet!